Lord of Shadows

lord of shadowsReviewed by Kalista

Cassandra Clare’s newest release, Lord of Shadows, was a riveting adventure that allows readers to live vicariously through the characters and experience the rollercoaster of emotions that comes along with reading this book. All throughout the novel, readers silently root for the two main characters, Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn, to be together. But their relationship is far more complex, as they continually run into conflicts that put both them and those whom they love in danger. Many adventures take place in the novel; a friend is put in mortal danger, a dangerous queen offers them a deal, unwelcome people invade and attempt to take their home, and a horrid law is about to be passed. The novel is filled with wild adventures that are so thrilling it can make someone believe they are right there next to the characters. The book before, Lady Midnight, was a good read, but Lord of Shadows by far exceeds its predecessor in more ways than one.

There is a common theme that frequently occurs in the novel; being ruthless to protect those you love. The prime example of this is Julian Blackthorn, as time and time again he schemes, tricks, and fights tooth and nail for his younger siblings. Along with protecting his kin, he would also do anything for his parabatai, Emma, whom he loves with all his heart and soul. As parabatai, they are the perfect fighting team, are bound to each other, and have a relationship stronger than the bestest of friends. Although, the two of them have began to develop feelings for each other that the law forbids parabatai to have. Because of this, Julian once again makes questionable, and perhaps immoral, choices to protect Emma. This was interesting because it is easy to make a real life connection to Julian. Many people in the world would do anything to protect their families and friends, just as Julian would. It was fascinating to read this book and see what Julian would choose to do when put in difficult positions.

As someone who prefers novels that can capture one’s attention with its thrilling plot alone, I found that this book was a perfect fit for me. The main aspect that peaked my interest was how the book’s plot continued to grow deeper and deeper as I kept reading. Another thing that held my attention was Clare’s bold plot twist towards the end of the novel. It was completely unexpected, yet a delightful surprise. Sudden changes of events like this are what keep readers on their toes.

If a reader were looking for a series that captured their attention with its thrilling adventures, classic comedy, and heart-wrenching romance, then I would one hundred percent recommend this series. If someone had time on their hands for some laid-back recreational reading, then they should begin the journey of what it is to read one of Cassandra Clare’s series’. It is a truly exciting series overall, and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an adventure.


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